Impact is an international organisation, the genesis of a unique partnership between WHO, UNICEF and UNDP as part of the United Nations Year of the Disabled, created in 1981. It is the brain-child of Sir John Wilson, himself blinded as a school boy and founder of Sight-Savers International of the United Kingdom. It’s goal is that no one should become or remain needlessly disabled by disease, lack of knowledge or shortage of medical services in the face of the depressing scenario that 15% of the world’s people are disabled, 80 % are living in developing countries, a third of whom are children. In 2013 Impact Switzerland was created to expand the financial network of theImpact federation. Today, Impact has 11 national foundations, supported by three financial Partners (Impact UK, Impact Norway and Impact Switzerland).

The archives of Impact Switzerland have been digitised, and are available via the link here. These are viewable via Google Drive, and contain information on the origin of impact since it’s founding by Sir. John Wilson CBE.